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It’s Nice to Have a Husband Who Listens

I’ve been telling Husband for several YEARS that I would like to upgrade my wedding ring. To be fair, since we were first married, we agreed that at our 5 year anniversary I would get a ring upgrade. Well, fast forward 8 years and I have brought up “the deal” on more than one occasion. The week of Valentine’s Day, I thought was the day our deal would come to fruition.  For several days leading up to Valentine’s Day, Husband had mentioned that “one of” my gifts had been something I had been requesting for quite some time. His exact words were, “you have asked me for this so many times”.

On Valentine’s Day, I got one package. It was a gift package of Euphoria perfume, which smells amazing. Husband told me that the gift I was waiting for was yet to come. The next day a package arrived. When I opened the package, I was so excited when the packing peanuts revealed a small velvet box. I just KNEW it was the new wedding band I had been requesting for the last couple of years.


There it is, folks. He was so proud of the new “dime and ring” he bought me.


I’m going to get him a rubber vagina. When I get the real thing, he can have the real thing.


I am a stay at home mother with 4 children. I drink a lot of wine and curse like a sailor.

53 thoughts on “It’s Nice to Have a Husband Who Listens

  1. Wow…. Maybe you need to give him a “dime in forehead” when you punch him with the ring!!! The only way this will be truly hilarious is if he shows up with a real diamond ring in the next few days…. If not, I think the comedic value is going to depreciate quickly!!!


  2. I would’ve busted out laughing! Did you make him a fancy dinner our of play food to go with that rubber vagina? That would’ve made the day complete!


  3. My husband looks over my shoulder at this blog:

    Him: Well, he fucked up.

    Me: I think it’s hilarious.

    Him: if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll produce a damned ring before bed time.

    LOL! So, yeah, total conversation about you in some random fucking house. 🙂


  4. As a die-hard feminist i never thought i’d say this phrase but, you asked for it. Don’t start getting mad at him afterwards because you regret it. 😛


  5. I have NO idea how it is humanly possible for ANYONE to be this funny. Well, ok, maybe Katt Williams… but girl? Seriously, after raising 5 kids as a single mom (all from the same dad) for the last 8 years, I just sit here and nod my head.. yup… yup… ooooh, she hit the nail on the head there… OMG, you’re amazingly hilarious and should have your own special on the comedy channel. But I won’t let my younger children watch it, because I’ll be busy being a parent and monitoring such things as programs with profanity and the likes. 😉 Keep it going, you make us laugh!


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