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Romance Isn’t Dead


My husband and I have been together for 11 years and have managed this in spite of our four children. At the end of the day, it is all about keeping the romance alive. You have to avoid taking each other for granted and keep the home fires burning.

When my husband wants to be romantic, you think he buys me flowers or surprises me with jewelry? My husband is too romantic to waste our time and money on those tired clichés. He puts real thought into how to woo me and gets creative. One of his signature romantic overtures is to wait until I am leaning over to empty the dishwasher and to come up behind me and start humping me from behind. That makes me melt.

Another thing, he is always focused on me and my well being and health. For instance, if I tell him that my throat hurts, he doesn’t hesitate to inform me that semen will make me feel better and to offer me a dose of the cure. NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Or if I complain about being fatigued, he immediately concerns himself with my protein intake and, again, doesn’t hesitate to offer the opportunity to get my “protein injection”. He is nothing if not a giver.

Our fourth child just turned one month old and he is always checking on me from work. Just the other day he sent me this text:


Seriously, I love that man. People don’t get our senses of humor most of the time but it is what makes me love him so much. He cracks me up. Making me laugh is the best romantic gesture he can make. Okay, aside from that wedding band upgrade I have been bringing up for the past year, making me laugh is the second best gesture.



I am a stay at home mother with 4 children. I drink a lot of wine and curse like a sailor.

13 thoughts on “Romance Isn’t Dead

  1. Our husbands must take lessons together or something…. because that’s pretty much verbatim what mine says at all the same occassions!


  2. Our husbands must be long lost brothers. If I say I feel crampy, he offers me an internal massage. Lots of people are genuinely grossed out and appalled by his jokes, and for some twisted reason, I find them hilarious and endearing.


  3. We’ve discussed this many times, so you already know that my husband is the same way. He never fails to offer me protein injections, and if I announce my hunger–he ALWAYS offers me some tube steak. I get the “internal massage” bit, too. So sweet. So thoughtful. You know your husband loves you when you walk around with your ass cheeks clinched in anticipation of having them smacked anytime he is within 10 feet of you.


  4. Wow, this fucking made me laugh til I almost pissed my pants. I started reading it to my husband, b/c he’s nosy and wanted to know what was so funny so I was reading him parts of it in between laughing my ass off. He said “When did you start a blog” LOL! This was him to a “t” and it was like I wrote this shit! Love your blog, you made my day better-needed that laugh after staying up all night w/a teething 9 month old 🙂


  5. Your sarcasm is intense! Cracks me up every time!
    A question I’ve been meaning to ask; is husband a regular visitor here at ‘View from the couch’?


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